Increasing Cell Longevity Through IF & Cold Showers

28There is a lot of talk about improving lifestyle choices in order to improve health, but most people are looking at some of the short-term advantages. There is nothing wrong with that given how fast-paced our lives are. One of the main things about many of the healthy practices, such as cold showers and intermittent fasting, is that they are are going to help with cell longevity. Most of the time, this is through a process known as “autophagy” which is responsible for removing most of the cellular “junk” in our bodies.

The following article will discuss some of the finer points so you can learn how to do intermittent fasting and understand how cold shower testosterone benefits can help you. Hopefully, the quick guide on how to get started will give you a lot of advice that can point you in the right direction. After all, both of these options are easy to implement and will not be a “magic pill” that so many other people are trying to offer for you to lose weight and improve your hormones.

Learning How to Do Intermittent Fasting

If you are trying to learn how to do intermittent fasting, it is a good idea to ease your way into the process. Sometimes people feel overwhelmed when they are using this method to enhance their fat loss or cognition benefits. You may try to do something like move your feeding window down to 8 hours and then move it further to 6 or 4 hours if you really want to. A lot of people use these shorter feeding windows when they are good at fasting or have done it for a while. When you are learning how to do intermittent fasting, it makes more sense to use a longer window.

You also might benefit from using coffee or tea while you are starting out. This is going to really help you to get rid of your hunger until you have been doing fasting long enough to avoid the pain. One of the main causes of this pain is actually a hormone known as ghrelin, which you can change to suit your needs.

Cold Shower Testosterone Benefits

When it comes to taking cold showers, there are plenty of benefits. However, it is a good idea to consider that the cold shower testosterone benefits are going to make the biggest difference for you whether you are a male or female. There are so many things in modern society that can reduce your levels of testosterone; these include drinking alcohol, eating foods high in carbohydrates, and a number of other similar issues.

If you really want the cold shower testosterone enhancement, you need to look into taking these showers for at least 2 – 5 minutes. Either that or you can find an alternative solution with ice baths. This might be the ultimate solution.

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